These Travel Tips Will Keep You Safe, Alive, and Entertained

Even you do take off all of your clothes, stand stark naked right in front of the gate agent, you still won’t get a seat because your flight is full.  Meanwhile, the top 10 reasons for Americans to die during their trips have been revealed; however, one country does stand out.  Mexico.  Thus, just don’t go to this dangerous country and you’ll get your butt saved.  If you do get on the plane, and you are going to risk your life in Mexico, why not treat yourself a Bloody Mary in-flight?  The word is Bloody Mary tastes better at 30,000 feet.  While gulping down the Bloody Mary before take-off, although it won’t taste as good as it does 30,000 feet higher, do watch Delta’s new safety video if you fly Delta.  The new video is a lot of fun.  If you are bored during your flight because all of those movies and shows are ridiculously dull, remember to do Go-go and look at Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis lascivious pictures.