Do It Yourself

United Airlines came up with yet another new idea to cut costs.  Passengers departing from Chicago’s O’Hare airport are encouraged to add another DIY task:  tagging their own checked luggage.   To qualify, you must check in on your mobile device and then print the checked bag tag stickers at the carrier’s check-in kiosks, then drop their tagged luggage at a separate bag drop counter.




What else can we all DIY ourselves at the airport?

via How United Airlines Just Made It a Lot Easier to Check Your Bags.


What You Need To Eat to Live Longer

At this very moment, I am in desperate need of the kind of food that I can eat but will not put on weight, but first, it needs to help me shed 10 pounds.  Where can I find this thing?




As a geriatrician, the vast majority of my time is spent treating people who suffer from the afflictions of old age. These are almost always chronic in nature — heart disease, arthritis, cognitive decline, diabetes, and the list goes on. The good news is that most of the ailments I treat can be markedly delayed and largely prevented by a healthy diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors.

However, it’s not just a matter of staying away from the French fries.

The right food can be a prophylaxis that can actually thwart illness. The Okinawan people — who are the longest Continue Reading…

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80s Workout Videos

Did you remember the Cher Fitness – A New Attitude workout video?  The only requirement is one must wear the same lingerie as she did in the video in order to get all the health benefits.




Cassey Ho aka Blogilates has built one of the most successful fitness and lifestyle brands on YouTube. She is now bringing her video success into a line of high end activewear for her community called BodyPop.

In celebration of her new venture, we decided to go back in time to test out some weird and awkward 80s workout videos. Plus, we’re doing a giveaway for a lucky viewer. Enjoy! Continue Reading…

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Euro in a Tailspin

Euro got hammered today due to the ECB’s aggressive money-easing decision.  Let’s just hope that tomorrow’s U.S. job report won’t send stocks south as ECB did to Euro.




Eurozone interest rates were slashed to 0.05% today.  The European Central Bank (ECB), led by Mario Draghi, came under pressure to act after inflation sunk to 0.3% last month.  The ECB had already cut interest rates from 0.25% to 0.15% in June but has now decided that even stronger medicine is needed, as it cut growth forecasts for this year and next.

From::  DailyMail


How about Them Monitors on da Planes?

Airlines are starting to add features that allow passengers to use their own tablet devices for in-flight entertainment.  Delta started offering the option to stream in-flight entertainment on passengers’ own tablets, laptops, and smartphones via WiFi.

Personally, I’d rather watch a movie on my laptop than on the seat back monitor.  Sometimes, people behind me keep playing with his touchscreen monitors such as choosing something to watch or adjusting the angle that my seat is shaking every time he touches the screen.  It can be quite annoying.  I’d say let us stream whatever we want and remove those monitors.




Another airline perk is taking its last breaths: seat-back monitors. Airlines are now introducing new technology that some say threatens to do away with those ubiquitous touchscreens.

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