Ruth Bader Ginsburg – The Ultimate Wonder Woman

Ruth Bader Ginsburg — my favorite goddamn American hero.  Scalia?  Yuck!

Even at 81, Ruth is kicking life.  I envy her life.




At 7:45 AM:  Kicks male models out of bed. Gives them their Night With Ginsburg farewell gift bag, containing signed neck ruffle, signed gavel, DVD of her greatest decisions

11:00 PM: Sneaks into Scalia’s house as he sleeps and reads her dissent on Veasey v. Texas into his ear


via A Day in the Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, AKA The Notorious RBG from FOD News and Melinda Taub.

Sears to Continue Its Farewell Tour amid Losses

Lord.  Sears is still open?




The company, which is struggling to reduce costs as its sales dwindle, closed 75 Kmart stores and 21 Sears stores in the first half of 2014.  It said last week that it would lease out seven stores, including the one at Pennsylvania’s King of Prussia Mall, to discount fashion chain Primark for an undisclosed amount.

via Sears to close stores, lay off about 5,500 employees: Seeking Alpha – Yahoo Finance.

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