You Don’t Have to Wait Till You’re Grown up

The picture below reminded me the story when I was nine or ten years old.  My mom and I went to a department store after a movie.  And as usual, we went to the Ladies’ Intimate Apparel first.  While my mother was carefully scrutinizing the “glasses,”  – That is the term of endearment between my mother and I for bras – I noticed this mannequin all light up from inside with just the bottom half of the body standing on the display counter.  It had just a pair of black panties on.  So I was curious to find out what was underneath the panties.  I approached the mannequin slowly and discreetly, constantly turned around and made sure that no one was looking at me.  Finally, it was within my arm’s reach.  Rather than just pulling the panties down and getting it over with, I could only pull just a little bit down and let it go immediately.  My heart was pounding in my ears.  I looked everywhere to make sure that no one saw what I did.  After several futile attempts, I was about to give up.  And then my mother and the sales lady walked towards the fitting room, I thought it had to be now or never.  I quickly reached the mannequin, began to pull the forbidden panties down, and suddenly,

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE, YOUNG MAN???”  screamed from the top of her lungs for the whole floor to hear was the sales lady.  She was waiting outside of the fitting room while my mother tried the new “glasses” on. 

I wanted to die.  Just dropped dead.  And if that was not enough, she screamed again for the second time.  This time, it was for the entire store to hear.  “YOU WILL GET A PINK EYE IF YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO.”

Do click on the image to see the full effect.

Quickly kids.  You don’t have to wait till you are all grown up.

Originally appeared on Funny Junk.

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