Bad Hello Kitty! Bad, Bad, Bad!

The only thing left for this transformation is to get rid of the damn mouth.

Finally, you can make your cat look like Hello Kitty.  But first, you need to get rid of that damn mouth.

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Great!  He finally looks like that damn cat.  Hello Kitty HAS NO MOUTH, nor does he.

Dude!  You finally look like that damn cat.  You have no mouth.

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She needs a psychiatrist!!!  NOW!

Poor Hello Kitty!  That woman needs to be institutionalized.

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Bad ass Hello Kitty!!!  This is what I am talking about.

Bad ass Hello Kitty?  This is what I am talking about.  Kick some ass, kitty.

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Darth Vader is Hello Kitty?  Praise the dark lord!!!

Hello Kitty is Darth Vader?  Yes!!!  There is a god!!!

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