Callie, the Dog: Come Wipe My Butt. I Am Done Pooping.

Callie, the dog:  How come you kept putting that damn cat on your blog, but not me?

Callie, the pembroke welsh corgi

Me:  Shush!  Silly goose.  You shouldn’t speak of Her Royal Highness like that.  Besides, we are just unworthy peasants.  I’ll try to sneak you in tonight and do a story for you on my blog.

Miss Meow Meow – Her Royal Highness:  DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!

My cat, Miss Meow Meow, Her Royal Highness

3 thoughts on “Callie, the Dog: Come Wipe My Butt. I Am Done Pooping.

  1. Callie, I totally understand! The cats are on our blog way too much too!


    P.S. Yes, the picture on our blog today is of Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge area here in Oregon. We went hiking there and left the cats at home!


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