I Should Become a Bra Designer

A while back, I did a bra story for my mother.  No biggie.  I saw a cupless bra featuring on Shine Yahoo, so I thought it would be prefect for my 70-year-old mother.  Somehow, that little post became very popular.  As you can see on the left hand side, that post is currently the No. 5 most popular one.

Today could be the turning point of my life.  One intelligent and wise reader searched in Google as follows and found my blog:

Cupless Bra Carl

“Cupless bra Carl.”  This is my wake up call, ladies and gentlemen.  My name is associated with a bra, and not just some ordinary boring bra, but A CUPLESS ONE!!!  This is huge.  HUGE!!!   I should no longer go to my dead end job because I am the cupless bra.

I shall be famous.

I will throw runway shows in Paris, Milan, and New York.  I will only dine with Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton.  OK.  My mom can come too but she will be seated at a different table with Naomi’s and Paris’ assistants.

I am so happy.  Billy Mays, you may have millions because of Oxiclean.  Take a look at me.  I am the cupless bra.

6 thoughts on “I Should Become a Bra Designer

  1. Congratulation on becoming Cupless Bra Carl!!! :-)

    Now only if you can patent that and become a millionaire sensation!!!

    Thanks for stopping by Carl..

    BC Doan

  2. That’s just good business sense Carl. Men and Women alike are bound to love that idea.

    In fact there was a scientist 4 or so years ago who came up with an idea that was the direct opposite of your idea. He came up with a fully functional, very comfortable, and wearable Bra he called “Total Support“. This Bra was designed to hold women’s breasts in Total Support thus preventing them from Bouncing up and down. He never got to release that line because upon official announcement to the board, all the guys in the board room punched and kicked him, dragged him outside and went on to beat him up some more.

    -Ez of the Barako Brew


  3. Well at least you are famous for something. My kid is the famous one in this goat family….


  4. It’d be cool if you became rich and famous from being Cupless Bra Carl! Be sure to remember your blogging buddies!


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