Google’s Driving Directions Are Always Right

Me:  Hi, we are here to sign the refinance papers.

Nurse RatchedNurse Ratched:  What time is your appointment?  What’s your name?

Me:  We are a little early.  Our appointment is at four.

Nurse Ratched looked confused.  She walked away.  Someone else came to the front desk.

Princess Leah’s motherPrincess Leah’s mom:  Are you being helped?  Are you here for the loan paper?

Me:  Yes.

She walked away too without saying anything.

A third woman came to rescue.

Lady ThiangLady Thiang:  Are you being helped?

Me:  Yes.  We are here to sign the papers.

Lady Thiang walked away too and she went into a room whispering to Nurse Ratched and Princess Leah’s mom.  I saw Nurse Ratched took some needles and two small bottles out of a drawer.  Poop!  We have pissed her off.  We are doomed.

Lady Thiang returned.

Lady Thiang confusedLady Thiang:  Are you sure you are in the right office?  Because you are not in our books.

Me:  Really?…  I called today, re-confirmed the appointment, and also got driving directions.  Here.  I have the phone number on my cell phone… 206 555 1212.

Lady Thiang is sadLady Thiang:  That’s not our number.  There are three escrow companies in this building…

Me:  But our refi is with your bank.  Let me call the number and find out… Hello?  Hi, this is Carl.  I have an appointment at four today.  Where are you located?

EndoraEndora:  We are on the first floor, suite 105.

Me:  Oh, hahahahaha…  We are in 202 right now.  We are confusing these poor fine people here…

3 thoughts on “Google’s Driving Directions Are Always Right

  1. Princess Leah’s mom needs a shave. You should have suggested that to Nurse Ratchet.


  2. It really should have been a sign when you see Nurse Ratchet with needles in her hand that you are in the wrong place!!! Of course it probably would be nice to be sedated when doing a refi!


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