Dog Insurance?

Callie, the dog, went out through the gate because we forgot the close it after the guy was done cleaning the roof.  I was taking a shower then when she decided to take a road trip.  When I was done, I came downstairs to feed her.  She didn’t answer.  Normally, she would be running to me in 1/2 a second because there was food involved.  So I yelled and yelled and still there was no answer.  Then I walked out to the backyard and saw that the gate was open.  My jaw dropped, hit the ground, bounced back up and smacked me in the face.  How could this have happened?  She could be anywhere by now.  So I had to run upstairs and get properly dressed.  What should I wear?  What is the proper attire to put on to look for a lost dog?  An Abercrombie XS t-shirt will do I guess.

I rushed back downstairs and heard Eileen, our most adorable neighbor, screaming on the street.  I got out of the house and saw her patting the dog on the porch.  “OMG!!!  You are home.  Callie was out on the street.  She went to your next door neighbor’s house.  They were playing with her.  I thought they got a new dog, but then I thought the dog looked familiar.  Then it dawned on me it was Callie.  I rushed over there, picked her up, and came back here.  I was just calling Jeff for help,” she exclaimed.

Later that night, we found out that she hurt her back by picking Callie up and was in bed and could not move.  The fat dog hurt her!  Poor Eileen.  She weighs less than 1/2 of Paris Hilton.  No wonder the dog broke her back.

Callie, the dog, runs happily in the park.

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5 thoughts on “Dog Insurance?

  1. Oh my, that is one fat dog! But obviously friendly and cordial and loves to meet and greet the new people in town.

    Poor neighbour though.


  2. Hi Daisy the Curly Cat,

    I know I Done Wrong to run away and I was told many times in the past that I should not do that, but I just pretended that I didn’t understand.

    Hi Caddy,

    Eileen is all better now. We visited her the day after. She was up and about, cleaning and gardening as usual. Callie continues to eat. She is always hungry for some bizarre reasons.

    Hi Grace,

    What a great idea. But Eileen loves berry pies. We should probably get both. She loves the pies and her husband loves chocolate.

    Hi Staciesmadness,

    OMG!!! Poor thing. I hope he/she is all good now. They are so adorable and such good friends. But there are times, they are such pain in the you know where.


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