Gigantic Cell Phone Headsets

I do get tired and my fingers begin to ache and become all contorted after holding the little phone for a long time.  The little headset that comes with the phone hurts my ears.  Every time I stick those little buds in my ears, it feels as if I am performing some major ear surgery myself.

I am very tempted and they have the exact phone I use in their ads.  But I can’t put the phone in my pocket any more because the headset won’t fit.  Well, even if they do fit, people may get the wrong ideas if you know what I mean.  Wink.  Wink.  I definitely can’t hold a flaming red headset in my hand everywhere I go.  People may think I am an idiot.  Does this mean I always have to carry a backpack to hold them?  How inconvenient.

I guess I’ll have to let this one pass.

Cell phone headsets - Not your ordinary headsets.

Found on Curiosity Shoppe

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