Gigantic Cell Phone Headsets

I do get tired and my fingers begin to ache and become all contorted after holding the little phone for a long time.  The little headset that comes with the phone hurts my ears.  Every time I stick those little buds in my ears, it feels as if I am performing some major ear surgery myself.

I am very tempted and they have the exact phone I use in their ads.  But I can’t put the phone in my pocket any more because the headset won’t fit.  Well, even if they do fit, people may get the wrong ideas if you know what I mean.  Wink.  Wink.  I definitely can’t hold a flaming red headset in my hand everywhere I go.  People may think I am an idiot.  Does this mean I always have to carry a backpack to hold them?  How inconvenient.

I guess I’ll have to let this one pass.

Cell phone headsets - Not your ordinary headsets.

Found on Curiosity Shoppe

5 thoughts on “Gigantic Cell Phone Headsets

  1. that’s hysterical…maybe they come in different colors…that would be sweet.


  2. I really want one!! Maybe not red, but I can’t rest my cell on my shoulder while I do other things…so I’m remembering how nice the old ones were for that!


  3. That is just too cool – I want one! Women carry large purses so it wouldn’t be a problem – can you imagine the double-takes you’ll get when your phone rings and you pull that out? When we were kids we had this elaborate prank – we would get an alarm clock and set it to go off at a particular time. We would put the alarm clock and the hand set from a telephone in a shopping bag then while we were on the bus, or somewhere crowded the alarm clock would go off, we would reach in the bag and pull out the hand set, listen for a second and then hand it to some unsuspecting adult and say “It’s for you” This was back in the late 1950’s – less complicated times.


  4. Hi Grace,

    The prank is just awesome!!! Hahahahaha… I could picture the faces when they saw you pull the handset out of the bag. Hahahahaha… Good ol’ days.


  5. Hi Willoaksstudio,

    You know how many times I tried to rest the cell on my shoulder, and it ended up falling to the ground. And then I tried to pick it up and other stuff would fall off out of my hand. It’s like we need some kind of magic button on the cell to make it change its sizes. One push, it becomes huge enough so we can rest it on the shoulder; another push, back to the tiny itty bitty thing smaller than a house key so it won’t bother me when I put it in the pocket.


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