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No, Mrs. Manhattan.  You didn’t know about Harvard’s entrance exam is about shape and colors?  The preschool had inside connection with Harvard so they knew what to teach.  Those shape and color tests at Harvard are tough.  The $19k a year tuition at this preschool is well spent.

My dumb ass mother refused to send me to one of these prestigious preschools when she had a chance.  Look at me.  Now, I ended up here blogging at this stupid site, working for some ridiculous Fortune 500 company, and traveling to Key West and Hawaii this year for a few weeks.  I blame that woman!

A Manhattan mother has filed a class action suit against her 4-year-old daughter’s $19,000 a year Upper East Side preschool for not properly preparing her child for a top-tier university.

“Getting a child into the Ivy League starts in nursery school,” says the lawsuit.

Her suit claims that contrary to the age-specific instruction promised on the website to get her kid ready for the ERB, a standardized test used by elite private elementary schools, the “school proved not to be a school at all, but just one big playroom.” Also, even though she was 4, the school was “still teaching plaintiff’s daughter about shapes and colors.”

The mother is suing for the return of the tuition, which by contract is non-refundable.

via Mom Sues Preschool For Failing To Prep Tot For Harvard – The Consumerist.

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