This little kitty is just too cute to be true.  If it doesn’t require a litter box, it will be perfect.



A wise person once said, “I have a rule.  No pets that think of me as food or an enemy.”

I cannot concur more.


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Well, one way or another, you cat will definitely learn to catch mice.



Says who the Oxford English Dictionary is the most authoritative???


I Won't Use Oxford English Dictionary Ever Again


my cat knows how to use iPhone

Shall we call him Cat Job? "Introducing iPhone 5X, Ladies and Gentlemen. Meow Meow..."



This must be the next IN thing "CATLICOPTER"


cat lady

Thursday Special: $30/hr or $50/2 hrs. For fun time, call me. Catilina Jolie.


Cat Fonda

In the 80's and 90's, we had Jane Fonda exercise videos. In 2012, we have Cat Fonda.


Jane Fonda and Cat Fonda

See what I mean? Jane Fonda? Cat Fonda? Can you tell the difference?


My cat is a vampire


How am I going to explain to my parents that I showered with a man?  My reputation’s been ruined.


I am a lady.  I am a lady.  let me out!!!


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