Who Am I? 2

6/9/09 Update:  The correct answer is.

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Who the Hell Am I?
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Madonna Is Not the Doocci Mystery Woman But She Did Hurt Herself in Horseback Riding Accident

The first Doocci Mystery didn’t go so well.  I haven’t seen the correct answer yet, but there is still hope.  Mark from neonbubble.com said…

I know (I’m pretty sure I know anyway) but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else who might want to guess. So, I’ll put the answer here:


where NAME is the answer without spaces (e.g. parishilton)

So, Mark, I guess you can feel free to put the answer in the comment section.  Since Mark is our fellow cult member in Entrecard, I think the prize will be 500 EC credits if his answer is right.  Please Mark.  I am dying to see your answer.  Please be right.  Don’t let the first Doocci Mystery be a total disaster.

And big thanks to Shawn from whitesharktank and Michael from port-charlotte for participating.  Your comments made the first Doocci Mystery game less pathetic.   THANK YOU!!!  And I am on all fours bowing to you.

Who Am I?

This is the first Doocci Mystery I have ever made.  I don’t know what the prize will be yet, but I’ll think of something.  I still think I put way too many clues in the video.  If many people guess the right answer, I’ll randomly pick a winner, ok?  I promise I’ll wear a blindfold when I pick the winner.

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