It is so wrong but it is so funny

This “Cha Cha Cha! Dog Costume for Halloween” is so wrong, but it’s too funny at the same time.  If you’d like to have fun at your dog’s expense, you can get it here.  

Beeper? I Don’t Know About That, Honey, But I Use IPod To Make Calls, Text, And Stream Videos.

Today’s big news had to be about Justin Bieber’s passing out.     The news is trending up as I have expected on, but it is only taking the number 4 spot.  I would have expected it to be number 1 easily.  None the less, I overheard people’s conversations about this tragedy, and I also interviewed some people.  Below are some of their reactions.           “Excuse me, Sir?.. Read More

I Am Very Easily Entertained

It just came to me last night when I was fastening my seat belt.  How does Sean Connery pronounce “Seat Belt?” “Shit Belt.”  Hahahahaha… I know I am very easily entertained.

For Those Of You That Have To Work On A Holiday Just Like Me, Let’s Weep Together

For those of you that don’t have to work tomorrow because it is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, damn!  You lucky b*****.  But don’t you forget!  “Smoking is not allowed on any Delta flight.”  Okay?     For those of you that have to work tomorrow just like me, let’s weep together.  Oh, wait.  Better yet.  Let’s say these words together so that we poor slave labors can feel better. (You are STRONGLY.. Read More

Forgetting Your Boarding Pass To Board A Plane Is Utterly Idiotic, But Getting Naked To Sell Online Is Indubitably Ingenious

Yesterday, I blogged about Ryanair’s CEO calling his customers, idiots, simply because they did not follow the airlines strict rules and totally forgot about printing their boarding passes at home. To top that story, a woman posted her half naked – the bottom half  that is – picture on eBay.  She took a picture of the pretty yellow dress she wanted to sell, but she didn’t realize her nakedness was in the mirror… Read More

Men Can Never Have Enough Sweaters

    Another great creation at London’s Fashion Week for men.  This one is perfect for those who live in Hawaii or Guam or anywhere in the tropics.  Why?  They are very used to the hot weather.  So, when they visit Alaska, or Moscow, the sweater definitely comes in handy.