Day 3 in Japan – Takayama Jinnya & Shirakawa-go

Continued with the collection of pictures from our day 3 in Japan.  The itinerary includes touring Takayama Jinnya, the government office since 1692, visiting the exhibit of Takayama Festival Floats, and Shirakawa-go, added to the United Nation world heritage sites since 1995. Here are some of the links that have more information about the places we visited.  Takayama Jinnya Takayama Festival Floats Shirakawa-go

Day 2 in Japan – Shirakaba Lake

Day 2:  January 30, 2008 It was a beautiful morning as we were eating breakfast and looking out of the window.  We were excited about today’s itinerary.  It was all about snow today.  A perfect day to freeze our butts off.  First, we were heading to the Shirakaba Lake for the Crystal Festival.  And then, we would go to a ski resort for some sledding fun.  After lunch, it would be a three-hour.. Read More

Our Day 1 in Japan – Nagoya

Day 1:  January 29, 2008  We were excited about our trip.  A long waited trip.  According to our itinerary, we were to visit the Nagoya Castle, the Italian Village near port of Nagoya (Villaggio Italia), and Magome – the post town used to offer food and lodgings to travelers, kind of like the bed and breakfast nowadays. Matt and I woke up super early as we could not control our excitement.  While we were.. Read More