Well, would you?


Japanese samurai underwear

@ Japan Trend Shop

These are not real tattoos, but rather they are tattoo socks that come with different colors to match your skin tones.

What do you think?


Tattoo butterfly socks

Tattoo socks gothic sexy

Tatto socks white - Hmm… that’s if your skin is as pale as Nichole Kidman’s

Sex Panther cologne

It says Sex Panther is made with bits of real panther.  Real panther?!?!  This has to be good stuff.  It also guarantees the most desirable results once you use it.  They are so confident that if you don’t get lucky wearing Sex Panther, the only explanation is that you must be butt ugly.  Actually, their precise words are, “… if you don’t get lucky wearing Sex Panther we can only assume you’ve got a face like a bucket of smashed crabs.”

SO, will you try Sex Panther?


Poop freeze?  Supposedly, you spray this thing on doggie poop and then you can easily pick it up and throw it in a bag.  Hmm…  I use grocery bags.

Poop freeze

This restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, serves everything in toilets.  You eat your food while sitting on a toilet.  And even the ice cream looks like poop served in the traditional “squat” toilets.  Eeewwwww…  However, the restaurant’s website is quite cute.

Taipei Toilet Restaurant

poop shape ice cream served in toilets in Taipei

What do you think?


6/9/09 Update:  The correct answer is.

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