Ganesh Srivats from Fashion Operandi: “We connect high technology with touch

After a decade of working in the fashion industry, Ganesh Srivats decided he needed something more. The fashion industry was not growing at the rate it wanted, so he decided to join a company he thought was: Tesla. But after only three years, an opportunity presented itself in fashion, which he could not resist.

“It was really a big change, but at the same time, not so unusual, I spent most of my career in fashion before going to Tesla: I spent more than 10 years at Burberry, in different roles, but I went to Tesla, because I was looking for a more disruptive technological environment, “said Srivats. “I did not feel that fashion was innovative or embarrassing, even fast enough, but when Moda Operandi called, I was very fascinated because it suddenly gave me the opportunity to combine the two things I like : fashion and disruptive technology environments. ”

Srivats now works as CEO of Moda Operandi and uses his passion for technology to create waves in the retail and fashion sector. By combining algorithms based on consumer data and collections chosen by the stylist, the e-commerce platform of fashion offers consumers a unique choice including products directly from the runway.

In this week’s episode of The Glossy Podcast, Hilary Milnes met with Srivats to discuss the intersection of technology and fashion, the model that gives consumers direct access to parade collections and how to serve from partner to designers. Edited highlights below.

Exceeds data

“We do not move away from our network of stylists and our experience of high pressure.What we think is: how to build advanced technology with a high touch? First of all on the suppliers side, we maintain a very close relationship with creators and brands, and we work closely with them to: how we bring them to market, how we launch them on Moda and how we give them a platform, we always introduce new ones designers, and part of what we’ve always done is to make sure our customers see and connect new designers who can challenge them in different ways.

So, during the customer journey, two things happen: first, if I understand your preferences, we can use data and technology to show you not only what you are familiar with, but also to challenge and show you things more adjacent. And secondly, we will continue to develop our network of stylists at the heart of this business strategy. What will interest you in the future is therefore the way we treat this discovery system as a whole, because you do not discover things through a source, but from various sources. ”

Restore connection and discovery again

“A few times a year, creators present their collections and, typically, at fashion centers such as New York, Paris and Milan during fashion week, buyers arrive from all over the world and place their bets. we do is both the fashion industry and the incidents can see these collections, whether on the catwalk or in a showroom, we present them directly to the consumer.

The fact is, when is discovery? Previously, you went to a dealer to see what he had to offer. To a certain extent, consumer awareness of the choices available has been shaped by what people have chosen to show them, and I think that has changed now. Our sense of choice is extensive. Now, you are looking for who can accomplish something you have already seen and wanted. It’s the difference between today’s retail business and what we’re trying to do is to restore the transaction and the discovery. ”

Empowering designers

“We see ourselves as a partner in the design community because their success is our success, and today, almost two-thirds of the designers we have, no one else wears them, or they wear them in a very limited way. As the main vehicle for business creators, we travel the world in search of new talent and we can dismantle them faster because we do not have to worry about the risk of stocks, we can photograph the collection, the present in big and wait to see.

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