when, how and why you should or should not use it on your skin

Many doubts invade us about the body’s scrub. How many times should we use it? Before or after shaving? Do they have contraindications? Need to use a cream cream after each use? A dermatologist and a pharmacist give us the answers and delete all our doubts.

Shelling becomes an important ritual to eliminate dead skin and get a smooth and perfect skin and not just for the purpose of your bikini to let your skin be uncovered. Several skin experts have confirmed that the body’s scrubs become an important ritual for impeccable and healthy skin. But when is it too much? Is it necessary to exfoliate the body’s skin every day? Do you still need to use oil or moisturizer to avoid damaging your skin after this ritual? In what cases is it contraindicated?


The shower is a good way to apply the scrub on the body. You can help your hands or mine, according to beauty experts. And above all, it does with gentle movements, in a round direction and in the buttocks, stomach and hips. In the legs it starts at the ankles and then rises to the heart, as in the arms and shoulders.

“Depending on the type of skin and the product you use, you can exfoliate two to three times a week.” The goal is to remove dead skin cells by allowing the epidermis to be soft, smooth and more responsive to the action. care used below (moisturizer, anti-cellulite …) Important, always use specific products for each skin type. For irritation or eczema, it is not recommended to use it because it could be “worse”, says Ariadna Ortiz, dermatologist and medical director Pierre Fabre Dermocosmética.

The pharmacist Esther Sansi, Sansi Farma from Plaza de las Salesas, 7 years old in Madrid, recommends a peeling twice a week, eg. Tuesday and Saturday. “It is very necessary because it is a way to renew the skin and so the creams applied later will penetrate much better”.


“There are gentle exfoliants that can be used every two or three days and others that can be used once a week,” says Ariadna Ortiz, dermatologist and medical director, Pierre Fabre Dermocosmética. And according to the leather expert, it is important to follow the indications for the use of each product.The pharmacist Esther Sansi assures us that there are soft scrubs for daily use in the shower. “But if you’re not used to this habit, I recommend using a twice a week to eliminate dead cells, so in the summer, daily use to maintain.”

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According to Esther Sansi, “the skin has no contraindications but is beneficial at all levels, both in texture and visual.In addition to exfoliation, we activate the circulation and lymphatic system, which allows us to take care of you with a massage that stimulates the muscles, drains and provides well-being and is also anti-aging, because by activating circulation it also oxygenates the skin. .

“Shelling must always be done before waxing, the goal is to remove dead cells and help remove ingrown hair,” says Ariadna Ortiz.The pharmacist Esther Sansi tells us that skin profiling is more sensitive, so it is always recommended to do it one day early, if possible.

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